We have the largest collection of Japanese woodblock prints in the Southwest. We carry some of the most sought after artist of the Meiji, Taishō, and Shōwa eras, you are guaranteed to find something you like.
We also offer Museum quality giclee’s of almost all of our antique woodblock prints.

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  • Dragon and Tigers

    Title: Dragon and Tiger Artist & Signature: Sadahide, Utagawa (1807-1873 in all three panels     Dated: Originally in Edo era, this one is re-carved edition in late 20th C. Publisher: Kyoto Uchida Size: 34.1” x 16.9” (three separate prints, … Read More

  • Fire Breathing Dragon

    Artist – Yoshitsuya (1822 – 1866) Title: Firebreathing Dragon Circa: 1860 Image size: Triptych – 14.25″ x 10″ each sheet Condition: Full size. Retains Japanese album backing paper. Horizontal centrefold to central sheet with minor paper losses. Minor marks and flaws. Generally … Read More

  • Giant Carp in Wild Waves (Giclee)

      Artist: Kunisada, Utagawa (1786-1865) Dated: 1838 Size: 14.25” x 1620.25” (two separate prints, oban tate-e)   Condition: Good condition, strong colors. Description:  Utagawa Kunisada (1786 – 1865) also known as Utagawa Toyokuni III) was the most popular and prolific … Read More

  • Giant Phantom Serpent

    Artist: Yoshitsuya, Utagawa (1822-1866) Circa: 4/1858 Publisher: Tsutaya Image size: Oban triptych (29 1/2″ X 14 5/8″) Condition: Good Condition, strong colors, trimed, minor wormage   Description:  Minamoto Yorimitsu and his men attacking the magician Hakamadare Yasumasa who has conjured a giant … Read More

  • Mitsukuni Defying the Skeleton Spector

    Artist: Kuniyoshi (1797 – 1861) Image Size: 30 3/8″ x 14 5/8″ (three separate prints, Oban tate-e) Original: Sold Condition: Excellent color and detail.   Description: In 940 the rebel Taira Masakado declared himself the “new Taira Emperor” in a challenge to the … Read More

  • Tametomo rescued by tengu from Sanuki-no-in

    Artist & Signature: Kuniyoshi (1797-1861) Publisher: Kyoto Uchida Size: 29 1/4″ x 14 1/4″ (three separate prints, oban tate-e) Condition: In excellent condition. Description: The warlord Tametomo, his wife, his child, his lieutenants and soldiers were on their way to Kyoto … Read More

  • 31 Flavors Invading Japan/Today’s Special

      Artist: Masami Teraoka (1936-) Circa : 1980-82 Size: 11″ x 16.5″ Condition: Fine impression, color and condition.   Description: Thirty-five-color woodcut printed from hand-carved blocks of cherry wood with natural dyes. Carved and printed under the direction of Tadakatsu … Read More

  • Beauty and the Picture Book

    Artist: Ichirakutei Eisui (active 1790-1823) Title: Beauty and a Picture Book Subject: A wonderful, classic, large “head portrait” Date: c. Original 18th century This one 1930’s from the Robert O. Muller collection Size: Oban tate-e: 12.25 x 9.25″ Condition: Excellent. … Read More

  • Good Woman Spirit Praying in Waterfall A First Edition Print with Drawing Both Excellent condition

      Artist: Yoshitoshi Taiso 1839-1892 Signature & Seal: Yoshitoshi Publisher: Sasaki Toyokichi – (first edition Circa: 1892 Size: 13.8 x 9.2 (Oban)   Condition: very good, trimmed, thin album backing, minimal color transfer. This piece comes with the original print as … Read More

  • Good Woman Spirit Praying in Waterfall B Second Edition Excellent Condition

      Artist: Yoshitoshi Taiso 1839-1892 Publisher: Daikoku-ya Heikichi Circa: 1902, Second and only later Edition Size: 13 1/8 x 8 7/8 (Oban) Condition: Excellent. Excellent colors. Retains original album backing; wide margins. Description: Yoshitoshi – The undisputed master of Meiji (1868-1912) period … Read More