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Art Deco Chinese Rug


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Art Deco Chinese Rug
Circa: Early-Mid 1900’s (Art Deco)
100% Fine Spun Wool, Hand Made in Nepal
Size: 24” x 48”

Nepal is known for their rugs and carpets which are hand crafted by master weavers using exacting standards, fabrics, and century old techniques that have been passed down through generations thus assuring that only the highest quality and material are put into making each rug or carpet. Nepal uses an Oriental style of weaving that makes for a thick, lustrous, and very soft rug with great traditional inspired floral motif themes that are expertly crafted.

This wonderfully brilliant rug was hand crafted in Nepal, with approximately some 600 hours put into making this rug you can not only see but feel the quality and craftsmanship that went into making this great Oriental style rug, with a contemporary floral theme. This rug is thick and durable yet also very luxurious and soft, and would brighten up any office or entry with its rich color and great contemporary floral motifs.