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Signature and Seal: Nagasawa Rosetsu ( 1754 – 1799 )

Dated Year: Not Dated

Length: 125 cm ( about 49.9 inches)

Width: 52 cm ( about 20.3 inches)

Material of Roller Ends: None

Primary Material of the Mounting: None

Condition: Very Good, Hand Painted on Paper. Has been removed from its scroll mounting

Nagasawa Rosetsu was born into a low ranking samurai family of the Yodo clan. When he was about 25 he began to study painting under the founder of the Maruyama School, Maruyama Okyo, becoming one of Okyo’s ‘Ten Greatest Disciples’, he had achieved independent status by the age of 29. His early works resemble those of Okyo, being tight, meticulous representations of birds and flowers, figures, and animals, although stylistic differences were already visible. His treatment of human figure was less idealized and more orthodox than his teacher’s.