Dragon and Tigers


Title: Dragon and Tiger

Artist & Signature: Sadahide, Utagawa (1807-1873 in all three panels



Dated: Originally in Edo era, this one is re-carved edition in late 20th C.

Publisher: Kyoto Uchida

Size: 34.1” x 16.9” (three separate prints, oban tate-e)

Condition: In excellent condition overall No holes, tears, damage, folds or issues to report. A crisp, clean image with 100% original color and fine optimum condition for framing and display. Three separate panels not attached at the seams. Not backed. Excellent alignment for display.

Description: An absolutely fantastic woodblock triptych of one of Sadahide’s masterpieces. This print is very rare. An original is impossible to find outside of a museum and even reprints such as this are extremely rare. This beautiful woodblock reprint was done exactly as the originals. An artist carved a wood block, one for each color, paying meticulous attention to detail and color, creating a print that rivals the originals.  Imaginary fight between the two auspicious animals representing the sky (dragon) and the earth (tiger). Whenever the dark clouds appear and the strong wind blows, the legend says the two are fighting (none of them wins, however).

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