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Flying Egret


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Signature and Seal: Araki Jippo

Dated Year: Not Dated

Length: 64.3 cm ( about 25.3 inches )

Width: 114 cm ( about 44.8 inches )

Material of Roller Ends: Bamboo

Primary Material of the Mounting: Paper and Cloth

Condition: Fair, Hand painted on paper

Araki Jippo was born in Nagasaki. In 1892 he moved to Tokyo and Araki Kanpo found his talent and Jippo learned painting from Kanpo. Jippo has pupils such as Nishizawa Tekiho, Mori Hakuho, Nagat Shunsui, Kobayashi Kanji, Hisamatsu Kyukou. Jippo’s pseudonym is Mokutei