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Pine Tree


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Signature and Seal: Konishi Fukunen ( 1887 – 1959 )

Dated Year: Not Dated

Length: 198.2 cm ( about 78 inches )

Width: 35.5 cm ( about 14 inches )

Material of the Roller Ends: Wood

Primary Material of the Mounting: Silk

Condition: Good, Hand Painted on Silk


Konishi Fukunen was born in February 15th, 1887 in Fukui prefecture. His father was Konishi Uhei, a paperhanger. His real name is Naransuke, another name he know by is Shibafu-en.  He studied under Suzuki Shonen and later acquired the name of ‘Fukunen’. He Specialized in scenery painting and traveled to make a sketch at many places in Japan all while gathering experience, he also put forth great intensity into his flower and bird paintings while studying Chinese history, English, Noh, and Tea Ceremony.