Rug from Turkey


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Rug from Turkey
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Circa: Early-Mid 1900’s
100% Wool Hand Made in Turkey
Size: 18″ x 18″

Turkish carpets and rugs, whether hand knotted or flat woven are among the most well known and established hand crafted art works in the world. Religious, cultural, environmental, sociopolitical and socioeconomic conditions created widespread utilitarian need and have provided artistic inspiration among the many tribal peoples and ethnic groups in Central Asia and Turkey. The many styles of design reached maturity during the early Ottoman Empire, and most modern production looks back to the styles of that period. Turkish rugs and carpets are made in a wide range of distinct styles originating from various regions in Anatolia. Important differentiations between these styles may include: the materials, construction method, patterns and motif, geography, cultural identity and intended use.
We have two very lovely small Turkish rugs most likely were used as a covering for a table or possibly as a prayer rug. Both with traditional colors and modest geometric design these rugs are a great example of modest traditional Turkish rugs that would have been used in everyday households.