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Red / Gold and Black Floral Cabinet
Item: Tibetan Cabinet F-1
Circa: Early to Mid 19th Century
Size: : 38″(L) x 18″(W) x 45″(H)

Silver and Red Floral Cabinet
Item: Tibetan Cabinet F-2
Circa: Mid 19th Century
Size: 39”(L) x 17”(W) x 35”(H)

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Tibetan Cabinets with doors in the front were often made for storing religious or mundane items depending on the setting. Wealthier secular households had these cabinets in the houses private chapel in more modest homes it would have been in the main living quarter of the house storing both essential daily items and religious articles. Very often these cabinets were made to measure for a client, so the sides were not meant to be visible so they were often left unpainted. The decoration was decided by both the client and the artist, a wide range of patterns and designs were made popular such as floral motifs, dragons, birds, and auspicious Tibetan/Chinese characters often blended in with floral or foliage and brocade patterns.

We have two wonderful nineteenth century, four door Tibetan cabinets with intricate floral motifs, the sides and top were left untouched which is consistent with furniture of this time period. These cabinets feature the distinct red, black, gold, or silver paint work of mid nineteenth century Tibetan cabinet-makers along with brass and steel handles that double as latches for the doors to be secured closed. These are both elegantly understated cabinets with wonderful designs and appeal that is both useful and elegant in any home or office.

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Red and Black Floral, SIlver and Red Floral