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Mitsukuni Defying the Skeleton Spector


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Artist: Kuniyoshi (1797 – 1861)

Image Size: 30 3/8″ x 14 5/8″ (three separate prints, Oban tate-e)
Original: Sold
Condition: Excellent color and detail.

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Description: In 940 the rebel Taira Masakado declared himself the “new Taira Emperor” in a challenge to the child emperor Suzaku (923-52). Masakado’s forces were quickly defeated in a rebellion and Masakado was killed during the fighting. Suzaku then dispatched Taro Mitsukuni, one of Masakado’s chief retainers, to Masakado’s palace to hunt down and dispatch of any remaining Masakado forces. Masakado’s daughter, the princess Takiyasha is in residence and is a sorceress who has the power to summon the apparitions of her father’s dead followers to haunt and pursue challengers to her father or his men. In this incredible Kuniyoshi triptych, Takiyasha reads an incantation from a scroll and summons a horrific, leering spirit in the form of a skeleton to ward off Mitsukuni. The brave warrior is undeterred however and stares back at the skeleton in defiance.

Original SOLD, Unframed Museum Giclee available