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Nuristan Cabinet Three Drawer


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Nuristan Cabinet Three Drawer
Material: Wood (Hand Carved)
Size: 22”(L) x 22”(W) x 30”(H)

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Nuristan is located in a mountainous and inaccessible part of eastern Afghanistan with villages clustered together on steep mountainsides. Many elements of Nuristan’s domestic art and culture are still tied to the pre-Islamic traditions that are maintained by the Kalash people who live there. Each village has at least one family of bari, craftsmen who performed the labor of building houses and making tools, furnishings and other household utensils. Wood for construction is logged in the coniferous forests of the mountains adjoining the villages. Logs and rough pieces are dragged or brought by donkeys along steep paths to the villages. (There are no roads in the interior of Nuristan.) Several carpenters often work together to cut and shape the timbers for new building material. Designs for carved wood sections are first outlined, then carved into the wood

We have in our collection a beautiful hand carved Nuristan panel Three-Drawer cabinet. These panels are fantastic in their appearance and quality as the carvings shows a wonderful overlapping of lines that adds depth to an already great piece of furniture which is an excellent functional piece of décor for any office or home.