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Shakkyo – Noh


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Artist: Binnie, Paul (1967 –   )
Numbered and signed in brush by artist

Circa: 1997 – Artist Proof

Size: 16.5 x 11.25

Condition: Excellent, Printed in two colors on Gold colored Japanese paper

SHAKKYO (Stone Bridge) Shakkyo is the 5th and most important movement of Noh play. The story is about a Buddhist priest named Shakusho, who came to the foot of Mt. Seiryo in China during the Tang Dynasty, and saw a stone bridge. When he was about to cross the stone bridge, he was stopped by a child of the mountain (the lead role) who told him that the mysterious stone bridge was built by Nature and let to the Paradise, and only someone who had really done penance could cross the bridge. The child disappeared after he prophesied a miracle that priest could cross the bridge. There are still around 200 Noh plays available today, and Shakkyo remains one of the most significant.

This is the only print of Noh in this group of Kabuki woodblocks and is done in a “Sosaku-hanga” or creative print style identified by “drawing” straight onto the block with a chisel. With an edition of only 15 numbered pieces, 2 Artist Proofs and 2 Test Proofs this print is very rare and presents a unique opportunity for serious collectors of Paul Binnie prints.